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Large format prints


For your advertising campaigns, corporate events or even decorative ideas, Pictro Dumon offers a poster printing and enlargement service in Brussels.

You can order online posters, personalized posters or wall posters of any size.

40x50 cm 19,95€
40x60 cm 22,95€
50x70 (ou 75) cm 29,95€
60x80 cm 35,00€
70x100 cm 55,00€
100x150 cm 95,00€

Canvas on frame

Do you want to turn your souvenir photos into real works of art to create an original wall decoration?

With canvas printing, your best shots become true masterpieces.

The photo printing on canvas with frame is custom-made in several formats:

30x40 (ou 45) cm 45,00€
40x40 cm 55,00€
40x50 cm 65,00€
40x60 cm 80,00€
50x70 cm 95,00€
50x50 cm 85,00€
60x60 cm 105,00€
60x80 cm 115,00€
60x90 cm 125,00€
80x80 cm 130,00€
100x70 cm 140,00€
100x150 cm 295,00€

Dibond (aluminium)

To suit your décor choice, Pictro Dumon offers you custom aluminum dibond printing services.

Our photo prints on aluminum are made in high quality Fine Art on robust and durable dibond boards. robustes et durables.

20x20 cm 30,00€
20x30 cm 35,00€
30x40 (ou 45) cm 45,00€
30x30 cm 40,00€
40x40 cm 60,00€
40x60 cm 85,00€
50x50 cm 90,00€
50x70 cm 105,00€
60x60 cm 110,00€
60x80 cm 130,00€
60x90 cm 140,00€
70x100 cm 190,00€
80x80 cm 170,00€
80x100 cm 250,00€
150x100 cm 365,00€

Wood boxes

Pictro Dumon offers a photo printing service on large and small wood boxes for personalized and custom-made decorations.

We make custom photo prints on wood boxes in Brussels.

20x20 cm 20,00€
20x30 cm 25,00€
30x30 cm 30,00€
30x40 cm 40,00€
40x50 cm 50,00€
60x75 cm 85,00€